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YU CHEN SYSTEM Technology is a Taiwanese company supplying and distributing industrial automation products and we are Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator (RcSI) here in Taiwan.Besides, we are also the authorized distributor of the followings products in Taiwan:
.Rockwell / Allen-Bradley

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Electronic Map F-JARVIS

In response to the complex information of the various departments of the factory and the production unit, when the supply chain stops, it often takes a lot of time and human resources to inquire and report, and it is impossible to grasp the actual affected area in time, causing extensive losses; developed by Yuchen system The e-MAP can integrate information through the database, link the data required by each unit in series, and intuitively operate, which can clearly understand the alarm status and scope of influence, and implement the fastest and real-time emergency treatment.

One Facility HPM Management

Let enterprise production achieve the goals of information transparency, management, control, coordination and cooperation, and mutual decision-making support, leaving a complete record for the production process of the product, and the system can perform statistical analysis of non-performing factors and integrate with the company's ERP system to improve product stability Compliance with the customer’s purpose of controlling the production process.

Automated Storage Retrieval System

Fully realize the mechanization and automation of operations, save labor costs, and improve the efficiency of storage operations. Because it can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, its storage capacity is much larger than that of ordinary single-storey warehouses. It adopts information-based warehouse management and centralized cargo space, which is convenient for "first in, first out" and prevents goods from passing

Bottle Management System

Utilize the design of the fully automatic system to achieve the 24-hour safety control of a small amount of special raw materials; the vial acid system is mostly used in R&D rooms and laboratories to manage special raw materials (such as acids, high chemical reaction liquids), starting from the opening of the raw material cabinet, one The entire borrowing operation of the series design is automatically determined, recorded and uploaded to the database by the system for future record query.
In addition, combined with the characteristics of RFID, each bottle of acid is located and named, and the use of the bottle acid is controlled by the linkage of the database and the chemical cabinet. Every time you borrow and return, the bottle acid weight is measured to further understand the use of acids.

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