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5G IoT
Yuchen Systems Technology is dedicated to accelerating the upgrade of smart factories by enabling wireless connectivity of devices through 5G. Leveraging the advantages of high speed, low latency, and multi-connectivity, the company aims to achieve flexible deployment, eliminate physical wiring, and reduce wiring costs. This approach provides a more flexible way to support factory networking and establish a sustainable operation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart manufacturing.In recent years, we have successfully implemented 5G IoT in the Sub Fab of semiconductor plants, monitoring equipment such as Dry Pump, Local Scrubber, Chiller, and Gas. Through a vertically and horizontally integrated networking approach, various types of equipment are effectively centralized and managed, ensuring stable and secure data transmission through 5G. Customers can instantly access equipment data, connection status, and receive alert notifications, facilitating applications in intelligent production management. Comprehensive monitoring of the factory area significantly optimizes overall operational efficiency for enterprises.Yuchen Systems Technology has independently developed 5G IoT, which supports various development platforms, communication protocols, and multiple PLC brands. With an intuitive graphical interface for configuration, we provide customers with a reliable data collection platform. The continuous refinement and optimization demonstrate our commitment to advancing in the field of 5G smart factory applications.
2024 / 03
Yuchen's independently developed Energy Management System (EMS) has successfully integrated the "Black Start" function and has been successfully applied in on-site cases.
"Black Start" refers to the situation in which the main generators lose power during a major blackout in the power system, leading to a complete power outage. In such a scenario, it is necessary to rely on self-starting units that do not require external power support to become the primary power source for supporting the recovery of the power system. This feature allows power units with self-starting capabilities in the system to start after a widespread power outage, initiating other units lacking self-starting capabilities, effectively reducing downtime for users, and serving as a crucial support measure in the early stages of power restoration after a complete blackout.

Sites equipped with the Black Start function are essential for ensuring safe production and self-rescue during a complete power loss, significantly minimizing economic losses caused by power outages.

Yuchen's Energy Management System (EMS) has successfully demonstrated the application of the Black Start function, showcasing our outstanding integration capabilities and providing customers with a secure and excellent energy management experience. This successful implementation marks a significant milestone in Yuchen's commitment to advancing technological research and development in the energy field. Yuchen will continue to delve deeper into the energy sector, striving to inject more substantial innovations into the global energy transition and working hand in hand with customers to create a win-win energy future.
2024 / 02