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宇辰自主研发的能源管理系统(Energy Management System,EMS)成功整合了“全黑启动(Black Start)”功能,并成功应用于现场案例。


Sites equipped with the Black Start function are essential for ensuring safe production and self-rescue during a complete power loss, significantly minimizing economic losses caused by power outages.

Yuchen's Energy Management System (EMS) has successfully demonstrated the application of the Black Start function, showcasing our outstanding integration capabilities and providing customers with a secure and excellent energy management experience. This successful implementation marks a significant milestone in Yuchen's commitment to advancing technological research and development in the energy field. Yuchen will continue to delve deeper into the energy sector, striving to inject more substantial innovations into the global energy transition and working hand in hand with customers to create a win-win energy future.
2024 / 02